"Everything was in dust and grains as my daddy's Pentax. It all started to rotate with the support of my loved ones."

Born in Antalya, Turkey (1985)

Currently based in Istanbul.

Fine Art & Commercial photography background:

After graduation from university, I was commissioned for commercial shootings by advertising agencies and also produced stock images for 1.5 years. Besides commercial works, I have been working on my personal works for 5 years and currently focusing on only personal works.

My approach on photography:

"I guess I will always try to make human being see, and more importantly make people think about their surroundings, life and universe which people can't realize with their own visual perception on a daily basis. And of course photography is a perfect medium for playing around between a deceptive reality of life and an abstraction of universe."



  • Fethiye International Culture & Art Days ( May 3-11, 2013)  Deformed cities
  • Fethiye International Culture & Art Days (April 26-30, 2010)  Fethiye Photography Association - General Portfolio
  • Niko Guido's "Leave Us Alone" photo exhibition                        (Photography Coordinator)

Competitions & Awards

  • Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2014 - Editors selected featured entry (Series: Another planet, another world...)


  • Lens Culture Editor's Pick - Published                                         (Series: Another planet, another world...)
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